Other links

These are other websites that are neither imaging facilities, nor mentioned elsewhere on my site that I have found useful. It’s a work in progress …

    1. http://microscopist.net
    2. Microscopy Primer is a major site. It will tell you all (or nearly all) that you’ve ever wanted to know about microscopy but were afraid to ask. The style of its illustrations and java tutorials are very recognisable. Be aware that you may have to drill down to find the wood amongst the trees in this vast site. From this site you will find two useful downloadable PDFs
    3. Köhler, H (1981) On Abbe’s Theory of Image Formation in the Microscope Optica Acta 28(12): 1691-1701
    4. Henry Baker, author of the first microscopy laboratory manual
    5. There is also a Basics of LM Imaging PDF from Imaging & Microscopy sponsored by Olympus
    6. Digital Imaging basics (Jonathan Sachs)
    7. Another basic digital imaging primer
    8. Digital Imaging primer  from Microscopy Primer
    9. Foldscope – the origami microscope at foldscope.com
    10. Basic geometric optics
    11. Resolution and image size
    12. Micro-Manager (μ-manager) instrument control freeware   See the paper here.
    13. Fast Stone Image viewer
    14. Merging microscopical images using Adobe photoshop (Keith Morris) and here (John Russ)
    15. Cambridge digital photography tutorial
    16. Norman Koren´s webpage – has just about everything on it
    17. Restoring Vision (Roska & Sahel, 2018) – an inspirational paper
    18. Best Scientific Couplers and this one from Mic-UK (David Walker) and the Quekett Club article
    19. Digital camera couplers, parfocalisation – OEM optical PDF
    20. Scientific or Consumer grade cameras – OEM optical PDF see also this guide (John Russ) here (Jörg Piper) and here (Kuyatt & Merlo)
    21. Photomicrography using digital cameras  – an excellent article by Peter Evennett
    22. Steve’s digicams
    23. Quekkett Microscopical Club digital photomicrography primer
    24. Stacking & stitching – The Quekett Club
    25. Mounting media
    26. IHC World – immunology & histopathology
    27. Immunology troubleshooting
    28. Professional contacts/microscopy jobs page
    29. Freeware versus Open-scource and Gizmo’s Freeware listThere are two tables of facility management & microscopy-related freeware and open-source software in Chapter 27 of Understanding Light Microscopy.
    30. Statistics – see Nature Methods series.
    31. ICQ metric for colocalisation: Khanna et al. (2006)
    32. Adaptive optics explanation
    33. Rendering the visible spectrum in colour
    34. The Green Flash page and the Aurora Borealis – merely because they interest me
    35. The Michel-Lévy chart
    36. Challenge the impact factor
    37. Cells as living lasers and single cell lasers (Gather & Yun 2011)
    38. The LEGO microscope